Callisthenics aim is to gain agility, flexibility and force. It intends to create an athletic and good looking appearance with exercises performed only with Body weight training. When there is no weight or machines it is very important to be creative in order to construct muscle and get a nice shape. The main intention of callisthenics is to develop a system of exercise execution focusing on the different muscular groups.

What is necessary?

Only with your body and an adequate space for you to move, run and lay down on the floor, you will have what it takes to start the callisthenics training.

Later on, you will need a chin-up bar to compliment your routines. Definitely, this is one of the best advantages compared to other training methods that need more materials to complete the exercise, that is not a problem with callisthenics because you can easily train in your house, a park, the beach or wherever you feel comfortable.

Advantages of callisthenics

The greatest advantage of callisthenics is that we don’t need any equipment, however, there are more benefits than you believe. Thanks to the emphasis on the muscular movements, it helps to improve our corporal posture, enhancing our joints in order to avoid injuries and physical pain. Aesthetically, callisthenics will help you to look more fit and with great muscles but it all depends on our personal plan and on how much we spend on training.


If you are beginning, this method will help you to develop a great level of coordination, muscular control and stability. This program is designed for those who are just starting, it consists of a 6-week training method to gain some muscle. You can start by dividing your routines with running, jumping, doing squats and to complement with some pushups.

Remember that you are free to adjust the routine depending on your needs and focusing on what you want to improve.

Plan your training

The best way to progress is to organise your routines. There are many ways to do it, just take into account the days of the week you are going to train, also the time you will invest. Remember, the most important rule is to vary the exercises every day and avoid repetition as it may fatigue the muscles.

Now set your goal. It could be increasing your fitness or just lose some weight, either way, according to your expectations you should design a plan in which you divide some sessions to focus on the upper and some on the lower body.

Enjoy the changes.