US President Donald Trump was in attendance for the College Football Playoff National Championship between the Alabama and Georgia football teams on Monday night. The game first made headlines because it looked as though the President had forgotten the words of the US national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” since he struggled through it, missing words out and mouthing the rest.

But now, another incident from that game is making headlines. Bo Scarbrough, the running back for the Alabama team, is seen yelling what sounds like “F*ck Trump!” at the top of his lungs as the team takes the field.

The teams weren’t on the field for the national anthem, but came on afterwards, and the video where it looks like Scarbrough is yelling the insult at the President was shared by Sporting News, where it has received a grand total of over 4 million views.

Bo Scarbrough claims he said ‘F*ck Georgia’ instead

Scarbrough, who wears the number 9 on his football jersey, has retroactively claimed via Twitter that he was in fact saying, “F*ck Georgia,” rather than “F*ck Trump.” But if you listen to the video, you can clearly hear that he’s referring to the US President and just doesn’t want to get executed by the state or sent to Guantanamo Bay, which is understandable.