Super League clubs have voted to change the structure of the game with team representatives set to replace RFL Chief Executive Nigel Wood, according to sports writer Steve Mascord.

It’s believed clubs met a month ago with 75 percent voting to change the structure, allowing Wood, who will remain RFL CEO, to take over as Chief Executive of the Rugby League International Federation.

His departure from the Super League board has paved the way for him to become the new RLIF Chief Executive as he is now not affiliated with a country’s governing body. claim RFL chairman Brian Barwick is to remain on the Super League board, with the changes set to be explained in detail to Rugby League's club council this week.

Wood has been the Director of Super League since it began in 1996 but his control over the sport has frustrated many and his popularity in the game has diminished.

Petition of no confidence in circulation

There are currently 5,541 signatures on a petition of no confidence in Wood that was set up by a fan earlier this year, focusing on the failings of Super League over the last 10 years.

The petition features a timeline of events including a drop in attendances, funding, participation, media coverage and a general decline in the standard of the competition.

Over the last decade, player participation levels have fallen from 131,900 to 44,000, while Super League's average attendance has also dropped from 9,855 to 9,134 in the same period.

"When you have got governance in your title then people look to you,” Wood said earlier this year. “There is an obligation to give a better job of explaining why certain decisions are made.

“Much of the criticism comes from an ignorance or lack of communication, so it’s a case of doing a better job and being more transparent and helpful wherever possible.

“I will do my best to ensure this happens going forward because we want the top division of our sport in this country to run smoothly and for the clubs, players and fans to be happy with what is happening.”

Lack of growth causes concern

Despite this, the sport’s lack of growth has caused concern among those involved in the game, leading clubs to vote overwhelmingly in the favour of a change in a bid to have more control.

It's believed that the new board has already met for the first time and although it did not involve all 12 Super League clubs, Wood was not present either.

Whether Wood was pushed or jumped from his position on the board remains to be seen, but the outcome is seemingly a favourable one for the Super League clubs going forward.