Liverpool claimed top spot in their respective Champions League group, an accomplishment which meant that on Monday the Merseysiders were drawn against Portuguese titans FC Porto in the last-16 of the tournament. The Reds could have been matched with current back-to-back Champions League holders Real Madrid, but without disregarding the magnitude of the test they were dealt as ex-Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso plucked the two clubs out of the bag, Jurgen Klopp insists that his regiment will confront a "strong" Liga NOS side.

The first-leg will be held at the Estadio do Dragao 14 February 2018.

Although it's the second-leg 8 March 2018, which the German boss feels will be the defining fixture when Porto travels to Anfield, an intimidating, historic setting which Klopp believes will make the overall "difference".

Big dream

Klopp - speaking to the media, via a report published by Mirror - says to be involved in the tournament's knock-out stages was the club's "big dream" and they "didn't care" who they would get. Regardless of stature on paper, it was clear to the charismatic commander they would ultimately encounter a "strong side".

Porto is perched at the top of their League standings back home and will certainly refrain from submissively rolling over.

Klopp then continued to state that Sergio Conceicao's fold is "always good" and also admitted they will be a "difficult side to play". Occupying second place in their respective group, the 'Azuis e Brancos' did pip "really good" Bundesliga side RB Leipzig to the privilege of progressing, so the former Borussia Dortmund manager is expecting an "interesting" showdown.

No easy place

Liverpool possesses some of the game's most avid, passionate supporters and Klopp is adamant that his raucous faithful will "make the difference".

To justify his initial statement, Klopp then proceeded to claim: "You go there and there's no easy place in the world of football." Anfield is used to hosting show-stopping European nights, so Klopp and co. will be hoping the fans act as an imposing 12th man once more to spur the squad on to the quarter-finals.

Klopp then continued to quip it is "good" the first-leg is in Portugal as "the weather is better there in February!" There may be a long, arduous domestic schedule ahead of the Reds before they grapple with Porto, although such obvious excitement surrounding the distant fixtures, Klopp added that he and his employers "are really looking forward to it."