Liverpool have endured a terrible start to 2017 with just one win secured in January (in an FA Cup replay against Plymouth). So the questions to ask are, how is Jurgen Klopp doing as Liverpool manager and how does he compare with those in the past (in the Premier League era only)?

Before Liverpool

Let us first of all examine his past. As reported on the Premier League website, Klopp made over 300 appearances as a player, "starting and finishing" his career at German side FSV Mainz 05. However, it was as a manager that Klopp really left his mark, especially at Borussia Dortmund.

Over the course of his seven-year stay, Klopp broke up the dominance of Bayern Munich in winning the league title twice, and also in that time took Dortmund to the Champions League final in 2013.

How is Klopp doing?

It is clear that Klopp has made positive changes to the side. He has made the team believe again, he has galvanised the supporters and in the sport space of time that he has been at the helm, he has made them a much better side. This was even seen in April of last year (2016) by former Arsenal defender Martin Keown. As reported in the Express newspaper, Keown stated that Klopp has "restored hope and belief" among the fans. He not only also said that "to take Klopp out of that team now would be a tragedy now", but also that "the whole club is skipping to his beat, and he really energises the team".

This season Liverpool have been mightily impressive. As reported on Fotmob, they have blown teams away this season; 4-3 away at Arsenal, 4-1 at home to Leicester, 5-1 at home to Hull City and 6-1 at home to Watford. But even more impressive is their performances against the so called big six. As mentioned victory at Arsenal, but also a 1-0 victory against Manchester City and a 2-1 win away at Chelsea.

Although things may not be going as they would have liked in 2017, they are still in the hunt for the top four, they have a good squad and the ability to go on a winning run. It is also important to state that the players themselves adore the manager too. This was illustrated by comments made by vice-captain James Milner, who stated that Klopp is "definitely one of the best that I have worked with", as reported in the Telegraph newspaper.

How does he compare?

Now let us turn to the second question: how does Klopp compare to those who have managed Liverpool in the past? What is interesting is that Klopp's win percentage is not that great. As reported on the manager stats website, Klopp's win percentage is 46.75 percent. His predecessor however, Brendan Rogers had a 50.30 win percentage whilst Rafael Benitez's was 55.43. But that is not necessarily a barometer for success. Take Gerard Houllier; his win percentage was only 38.89 but he won an array of trophies, including the treble in 2001. However, despite the high percentage Rogers attained, he failed to win a trophy in his three years at the helm. But I think what is most important is the games that you do win.

One can beat every team in the lower half of the table but still win no silverware and finish outside the top four. An example is Kenny Dalglish. In his second stint at the club, his win percentage was 47.30, somewhat low you may say. But he took Liverpool to two domestic finals in 2012 and managed to win the League Cup. What my point is, is that Klopp's win percentage may not be as high as others but the fact that he took Liverpool to both the League Cup and Europa League final illustrates the strong start that he has made.

Overall, Jurgen Klopp has most certainly taken Liverpool further and has made a big impression with the club itself. I am certain that the team will go on to great things under the German and he will thankfully be given the time to do so.