Former Argentinian Chelsea striker Hernan Crespo has admitted on live TV to having orgies with "many" women back in his homeland after the show's host quizzed the 6-panel contestants if they'd ever partaken in sex in a group. The 42-year-old, who is happily married, was insistent that the orgies happened well before he met his wife, Alessia Rossi Andrea.

Team Player

Performing in a group collective is a staple requirement for any football player, although Crespo, who was contracted to the Blues between 2003-08, revealed that during his more formative years he managed to successfully score off the pitch as well as on, claiming that he "did not miss out on anything".

The prolific hit-man then continued to say in his younger days he would regularly divulge himself in "orgies with many women", a brazen statement indeed considering he is a taken man, though it's certainly one effective way to blow off steam after a rigorous workout on match-day.

It's often presumed modern day professionals have women falling at their talented feet, with their riches and stature in society making them simply irresistible, and Crespo, who was "single" and "famous", believes that it was "normal" to seduce multiple women at one time. A "life experience" which he is ostensibly "proud" of accomplishing. Crespo was later asked to whether the orgies also involved men as well and he added jubilantly: "Always more women!".


An element of jest has to be observed from Crespo's candid utterances given the circumstance they were remarkably unveiled in.

The ex-Parma, Lazio, Inter Milan and AC Milan attacker holds no immediate regret over his colourful past, he is supposedly - according to Esporte - "happy" with his family and that he does not "miss" the heated group sessions at all. Up until the age of 27, Crespo was single and literally loving his unrestricted freedom, but once he met his spouse he instantly "stopped" his womanising ways.

Crespo, who is now Parma's vice president, then proceeded to say he would "never" return to his home with a girlfriend until he clapped eyes on Alessia, a solitary, mutual coming together which ultimately changed the adolescent athlete's attitude towards women, presumably. Having made his debut in the senior game at the age of 18, it's clear to see the hungry, talented teenager was thrown into a man's world fairly briskly, and with that comes money, fortune, fame and sometimes, especially in 'Valdanito's' case, sexual encounters which occasionally involved more than just two bare bodies.