Not so long ago, the English teams were the most feared in the European competitions. In fact, from 2005 until 2012 (except 2010) there was at least one squad in the Premier League final.

Nevertheless, in those years, #Manchester United reached three times the final and #Liverpool twice, same as #Chelsea. Precisely, the Londoners were the last British team to win the competition.

Since then, #Bayern Munich, #Madrid and #Barcelona have got the glory in those five editions. In the last five years, no English squad has even reached the final.

Apparently, this might be a surprise, given the fact that they are earning enough money for the fight against the representants of #La Liga, the dominant sides in the last lustrum.

The remarkable campaign of Tottenham

It appears this is changing now. At this moment, the five English teams are leading their groups. Moreover, #Manchester City and #Tottenham Hotspur are going to finish on the top mathematically.

Indeed, the achievement of the North London players is beyond the expectations of any team's supporter. Considering the failure they suffered to reach the second round last year, and with a hard draw against Real Madrid and #Dortmund, many football fans were expecting another disappointing campaign.

But after a victory against the German team, everything has gone great for Pochettino' squad. Especially outstanding was their performance in Wembley, when they were facing the champions of the competition.

After another important triumph in Germany, they will now go to the second round and lead a group that seemed a nightmare.

City classifies, a thriller denies Liverpool

Even though Guardiola's players didn´t show their best quality against Feyenoord, Sterling grabbed an important victory to secure the first spot in the group. They will be satisfied with their 17th triumph in a row.

They look like a possible winner of the Champions League. Apart from the dynamism in attack and the importance of the midfielders in the team, they are defending better than ever.

Perhaps, the only concern for the Manchester team is if they can keep this level until the last months of the competition, where they really need to perform perfectly to win.

If everything seems merry for Guardiola and his team, Klopp, on the other hand, maybe angry for not getting the qualification against Sevilla after they led the match for 0-3 in the halftime. However, a courageous motivation of the Spanish team, plus the defensive fragility of the 'reds', was enough to earn a point for the locals.

Sadly for the Merseyside team, they will face their destiny against Spartak to reach the next round. Clearly, they will need the core of the mythical #Anfield Road to avoid a possible elimination.

Chelsea and United want to reach past glories

Both are leading their groups, despite a victory of Rome in Madrid which left the Londoners in second place. On the other hand, the 'red devils' are going to finish on the top, if there is not a big surprise in the last matches.

Therefore, in the probable situation the five teams finish as the winners of their groups, they might face an easier contender in the second round. That would bring some hope for the #Premier League supporters, after so many years without a real candidate for the title.

Certainly, this may be the time for The English reign again in Europe's biggest competition. Presumably, they will have to eliminate the Spanish favourites and the PSG, the other strongest power.