The former #Manchester United man faced his former side at Old Trafford on Sunday but could do little to prevent the 4-0 loss #Everton were made to suffer. Monday didn't prove any brighter either, as he was hit with a two-year Driving ban.

#Rooney was also ordered to complete 100 hours of community service following his guilty plea at Stockport's Magistrates Court.

Having gotten pulled over by Police on September 1, the ex-United captain was found to be driving a vehicle owned by Laura Simpson, a single mother who told the Mail that she would have had intercourse with the player if they hadn't been pulled over.

The car was stopped due to it having a faulty brake light, but Rooney was also adjudged to be three times over the legal alcohol limit following tests.

Statement of apology

The player's wife, Coleen Rooney, is pregnant with the couple's fourth child and she was reported as being ready to call curtains on the marriage after having to forgive her spouse for various other acts of infidelity in the past.

He appeared in court on Monday, wearing his wedding ring, and offered a guilty plea at the first opportunity.

A statement was later issued from the player in which he claimed to be sorry for his 'unforgivable lack of judgement'. He also said that he had already expressed contrition towards his family, manager and chairman and is hoping that his community service will help make amends.

Rooney also published the statement on his official website and tweeted it out as well. It can be read in full by checking out the tweet below.

Marriage could still be saved

Coleen was not present during the hearing but is now said to be feeling sorry for her husband, having heard his version of events.

Her stance reportedly softened after Laura changed her initial story told to the Mail.

The owner of the vehicle in question claimed to have 'kissed and cuddled' with England's highest-ever scorer before they set off to her house where she believes she would have slept with him, yet has since backtracked on her words.

Everton's woes

Everton, meanwhile, now seem to be in a bit of a crisis. Rooney got off to a great start this season, scoring two goals in his first two Premier League matches, however, the Merseyside Blues now sit in the relegation zone, having already lost three matches so far.

Ronald Koeman is under loads of pressure following his and the team's failure to live up to early expectations. And with Romelu Lukaku now scoring the goals for United, as opposed to Everton, Rooney will also have quite an uphill battle ahead of him.

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