Good news if you're a Snooker fan.

The cue sport has landed in the top five for sports perceived as the most clean - with Darts securing the top spot on the list of the top 12 sports perceived from the cleanest to the most corrupt.

Football, not surprisingly, a sport that has mega money involved in it, was 12th on the list - last.

The top five sports perceived as the most cleanest were as follows:

1) Darts

2) Golf

3) Rugby Union

4) Snooker

5) Rugby League

The Index of the 12 was calculated by a special formula which took into the account areas such as match fixing or Doping In Sport, with football, boxing and horse racing all perceived as the sports most likely to indulge in those areas.

Football was perceived on all levels with the lowest integrity due to the mega money. It comes as a blow for football as the Premier League kicks off for the new season - and doesn't bode well with its image portrayed in this survey, in which Pollsters Populous and Portland Communications asked over 2000 people.

Doping in sport has become a hot topic - particularly in Athletics in the past week since the World Athletics Championships took place in London where Great Britain achieved a total of six medals overall in the end. The United States of America sailed into first on the medal table with an incredible 30 Medals overall - 24 more than the UK. The sport though, on the Index was lagging in ninth position on the table.

From the younger generation of 18 - 34-year-olds, snooker was perceived as the second most clean sport, but among the older generation (the over 65's) they ranked it seventh.

Cycling is another sport that has had its fair share of doping allegations and stories. In the report, 65% of cycling fans believed the sport is most likely to be associated with performance enhancing drugs.

Barry Hearn, sports promoter and owner of World Snooker Ltd, the sport's commercial arm tweeted his delight that both Darts and Snooker came high in the list on the integrity front.

He tweeted: "Honoured to read that of British professional sports, darts is rated number 1 and snooker is rated number 4 when judged on integrity in sport."

Sports Viewing

According to the Financial Times, figures dropped for watching the Premier League last season by 14% - despite Sky paying two thirds more to show live games at £10 million per game.

So where does this leave sport in general? Simple. Some sports need to work harder to allay fan's fears about cheating in some of the sports mentioned.

As was highlighted in the London World Athletics Championships where a number of athletes had medals upgraded - the moral of that story was the old saying "cheaters never prosper" and will always get found out in the end.

The key to cleaning up sport is to educate kids that sport is about working hard, practising hard, and with that and your talent you will achieve your dreams through hard training and hard graft.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has produced an education tool for parents of athletes which mulls over the key facts to clean sport and a clean athlete through integrity, respect and how to deal with a child who does decide to dope.

Snooker will take its ranking of second cleanest sport as it travels to Guangzhou in China for the Evergrande China Championship, beginning on Wednesday.