Seven-times World Champion Stephen Hendry believes Mark Selby is the only one who has a real chance of coming close to breaking his record of 7 World titles in snooker at the moment.

Talking in an interview with Curtis Braithwaite and Anna Maflin on Facebook via the live feature for

The 48-year-old reckoned the 34-year-old Jester from Leicester who has won three World titles already has an honest chance of winning more World titles because he has a great all around game and understands the mindset of the Crucible - just like Hendry did.

His comments come as Selby has had a slow start to the new season, but he told World Snooker he wasn't worried about the slow start. Last season, the World number one had won five ranking events - including the flagship World Championship.

Hendry, who was the youngest ever World Champion at 21, and still holds the record, couldn't believe that that record hasn't been beaten yet in the game.

The well-liked Scot was thrown everything at him including questions on coaching, and his recent appearance on "Master Chef" the celebrity edition, where he said he butchered his last dish and was knocked out in the first round.

Reminiscing on his seven World titles, Hendry said obviously his first and last were special, especially the last, as that was the record, but he said the one where he beat the People's Champion Jimmy White with a session to spare was special for him as he felt he had been playing great snooker for all of that tournament.

No regrets?

One regret Hendry told was he wished he had been able to play the six-times World Champion Steve Davis in a World final, as they were both at the peaks of their game in the 90s and he became one of Hendry's idols.

He liked watching Jimmy White play as well.

On Jimmy White, whom he had beaten in four World finals, he said JImmy had all the talent but had obviously been missing that "something" to get over the line and become a World Champion.

"He had the chances" (six of them) said Hendry, who first started making 50 breaks from the age of 13, and made his first break of 50 on a small table and then quickly made a ton on a full-size table by his mid teens.

At the end, he said of White: "He'll always be remembered as a legend," - despite not having won a World title.

White has won 10 ranking titles though.

Coaching questions

On coaching, Hendry said he had gone from coach to coach and said in the end, he was taught and told to do so many techniques that in the end, he didn't know what cue action to use by the end of his career.

He said: "I'd won tournaments with about 10 different cue actions."

The South Queensferry man said he had tried mental coaching but by the end, it was a bit late. His advice for youngsters who want to get into the game was simple. In the beginning, "Just enjoy it." he said. Even at top amateur level, but... He said when you turn pro - treat it like a job and practice lots.

Dafasnooker travel on the pro tour as they travel to locations and have interviews with the players after their matches, as well as interact with the fans and let fans ask questions. September sees the next ranking event on the calendar at the Indian Open after the Paul Hunter Classic saw Welshman Michael White claim his second ranking title.