Following the incident of ronaldo's Tax Evasion charges, the Madrid media outlets while reporting this story have refused to feature the Real Madrid star while on a Real Madrid Jersey as against it's dissatisfaction over Barcelona's Messi tax accusation last year.

Madrid media is not reporting the tax evasion

Spain "Daily Sports Newspaper" in the latest commentary pointed out that Real Madrid President Florentino can not prevent the prosecutor to sue C. Ronaldo tax evasion of 14.7 million euros. But, it doesn't seem so, because the Madrid media in the report of Ronaldo's tax allegation, actually did not use a picture of Ronaldo wearing a Real Madrid jersey.

"Daily Sport newspaper" said that the comparison of the Madrid media in reporting Messi and Ronaldo's tax fraud, you can find that the two are very different.

The Madrid media featured on its front pages, Messi wearing Barcelona jersey while reporting on the Argentines tax evasion but in the report of Ronaldo's tax allegation it had reluctantly refused to feature the Madrid star in his club's jersey instead it uses his photos in training session and some featured him wearing his national team Jersey.

Madrid's two major sports media "Aspen" and "Marca" is also guilty of this, although the tax evasion report is on it;s cover pages, but they used pictures of him in his national team training outfit.

The same is true of the comprehensive daily newspaper National Newspaper and Le Monde.

While a red alert was spotted as Spain's "ABC" did not even cover C.Ronaldo's tax evasion on it's cover page.

In addition, the Spanish "confidential network" revealed that Real Madrid launched a public relations campaign in the major social media, mentioning in the relevant reports that C.

Ronaldo tax fraud reports should be published using pictures related to his home country (Portugal) rather than Club pictures (Real Madrid).

"Daily Sport newspaper" finally pointed out that this is accidental and Real Madrid President Florentino using his influence on the media and fans to curl news to the favour of the club.

It further stated that the Madrid media can not be avoided to report C.Ronaldo's tax allegation, but also try to avoid him and Real Madrid linked together.

Although, Ronaldo have denied any wrong doing or engaging in any tax evasion. The trial is still on going but these red alerts is not going to help the investigation of the Real Madrid star charges.