In a boost for the true professionalization of women’s sport in Australia, the country’s best female cricketers are set to more than double their average salary from July 1. The new proposed deal would see international women cricketers' average pay jump from £48,800 to £110,580. The good news keeps coming as well. There is an expectation that the mark will rise to 129,700) by 2021.

Women's Big Bash will also see a rise

Female cricketers on a state level can also rejoice with the fees for the domestic Women's National Cricket League and Women's Big Bash would also rise from £13,410 to £31,700.

The Australian Cricketers' Association (ACA) said the offer still needed to be looked over with a fine tooth comb. He noted questions such as what share of the money will go towards the men’s and women’s game, as well as development of the youth at a grass roots level.

It also begs the question of not just whether the new deal would be good for the current generation of players, but whether it will benefit cricketers in the long term?

More important than anything is the timing of the deal

With the ICC Women’s world cup set to start at the end of June, and the proposed salary uptick set to be brought into effect on July 1, it could put any restless minds at ease among the camp and allow the side to put their best foot forward.

Australia’s first match of the world cup will come against the West Indies on June 26. This announcement comes off the back of some recent good form by the Southern Stars. Just this month they took down the New Zealand national team 2-1 in an ODI series on Kiwi turf.

Men also set for a pay rise

Men who represent Australia at the international level aren’t going to be left out in the cold either.

They are set to see their average yearly earnings rise to just over half a million pounds by 2021-22 with the new proposal. It won’t just stop there, though. With extras such as match fees and performance bonuses, the expected average income for these players, which includes any Big Bash League payments, would increase once more to nearly £900,000 over the same time frame.