There have been many great comebacks in the world of football. But the true measure of a memorable comeback is the context of the game, the importance of the game and the comeback itself. I have chosen three, I could have chosen more, but I decided not to.

Manchester United 2-1 Bayern Munich 1999

Where else to start than in Barcelona, 1999.The Champions League final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich. Why is this top of the list? The context. United were 1-0 down against Bayern as they entered injury time with a treble at stake. What makes a game so good to watch (if you are not there in person) is the commentary.

As stated on the Man Utd treble website, what Clive Tyldesley said will live long in the memory. With minutes left, United had a corner. Tyldesley said, "can Manchester United score. They always score". Remarkably they do to make it 1-1, which led to "name on the trophy". Finally, with another corner, whipped in by Beckham, flicked on by Sheringham and then, "Solskjaer...Manchester United have reached the promised land". It was a game like no other. The fact that there was such little time and such pressure to deliver, that they did is why it has to be the number one comeback.

Liverpool 3-3 Ac Milan 2005

Another champions league final and another English club involved as Liverpool played Ac Milan.

Whilst it may not have had the late drama as at the Nou Camp, those six minutes will never be forgotten. Three nil down at half time, many believed it was over. The BBC stated that in the first half Liverpool were "totally outclassed". But in the second half, three quick fire goals from Steven Gerrard, Vladimir Smicer and Xabi Alonso dragged Liverpool back to 3-3.

What was memorable again, like in 1999, was the commentary by Clive Tyldesley, who said after Liverpool scored the third goal, "mission impossible has been accomplished", as reported on the Sports Keeda website. The way that Liverpool turned things around in the second half was astonishing and with a team that was not brimming with world class quality (except Gerrard), what was achieved will never be forgotten

Manchester City 3-2 QPR 2012

Manchester City were chasing a first Premier League crown and heading into the final game of the season, simply needed to win at home to Queens Park Rangers (QPR).

And with minutes to go they were 3-2 down. This was surely not in the script. But in two minutes everything changed. First of all there was the header by Edin Dzeko who made it 2-2 and with seconds remaining, Sergio Aguero stepped up to make it 3-2. Why such a great comeback? That word, context. They were chasing a first league title in forty-four years, as the Daily Mail stated. In addition to that, they were trying to claim the league from arch rivals Manchester United. And with so much at stake, they remarkably did it. Let us also not forget the commentary by Martin Tyler, as covered in the Mirror newspaper. In addition to saying, "Agueroo", he went on to say, "I swear you'll never see anything like this ever again. So watch it, drink it in". It was a remarkable comeback and just had to make my list.