Hi guys! As I announced on my facebook account, I took a break for three days, as there were no interesting and attractive matches from a betting point of view. The action is back this Thursday, but not as everybody was expecting. Anyway, Friday we have a lot of action in the WC 2018 Qualifiers.

Sunday was the last day with betting action for me and it was a fantastic one, with many winning bets. All three combos have been green, but single bets went very well, with both predictions won at Sevilla vs Barcelona, but also the final score!

For this Thursday I decided to bet on an easy money prediction and also on the main combo.

As usual, easy money is the first one on the list:

Easy Money combo - 10.11.2016

  • FSV Frankfurt vs Eintracht Frankfurt / Over 1,5 goals @ 1.22

Final odds: 1.22

Stake: 75 euros

It's just a friendly game, but a very interesting one, between two local rivals from Frankfurt. I expect to see at least two goals here, as both sides have shown a good form in the recent weeks. As you can see, I decided to risk less money than usual on this easy money bet, considering that it is a friendly match.

Main combo - 10.11.2016

  • England U21 vs Italy U21 / Over 1,5 goals @ 1.30
  • Germany U21 vs Turkey U21 / Germany U21 -1.5 AH @ 1.60

Final odds: 2.08

Stake: 30 euros

Once again, I decided to bet less money on the main combo than usual, as I don't trust too much these U21 friendlies.

Anyway, England U21 and Italy U21 are two interesting sides, capable to score goals without a single doubt. The English team has shown a great form in the recent months, especially at home, having an impressive attack.

The second game is an unbalanced one, with the Germans clearly in pole-position. They are in a much better form than the Turks and I expect the hosts to win the game without any problem, by a margin of at least two goals.

Good luck to all of you. I'm thinking to start a new challenge, the All In Challenge on 3.00 odd. To be more precise, we can start with 10 euros and after three consecutive winning bets we have 270$. I will think about it and I'll let you know!