tragedy encased not only the footballing sphere but the world collectively after a plane carrying the still jubilant Brazil Club Team Chapecoense crashed in Rionegro near Medellin.

It was made even more heart rendering by the fact that these players had surpassed expectations and were on the way to contest one of the major trophies in South American Club Football, the Copa Sudamericana.

In total, 71 people lost their lives and only 6 people survived leaving triumph tormented into tragedy.

Another plane crash

It's a story which has been seen before, not least by a young and vibrant Manchester United team in 1958 that lost the heartbeat of It's team in the Munich Air Disaster.

The Chapecoense story had been one of glory, of expectation and of real belief ahead of the biggest game that would have been in their history. A team of mid-table stature in the Serie A league had risen like giants amongst men in the Copa Sudamericana. Just two legs of football stood in their way of immortality. However, in the most cruel of twists not only was that dream taken away from them but most of their lives.

However, if anything positive could come from such a horrendous tale then the reaction of the footballing world has shown that there is still a real heartbeat and humanity about the modern game.

All the fellow teams in Serie A changed their flag to that of Chapecoense, arms were reached out, voices of support heard and tears shown as the pathos of such an event unfolded.

Once again we were reminded that life, that human support and that the community as a whole were still the driving force in our beautiful game.

Similar thoughts and feelings have been mirrored around the world and it's a stark reminder that football isn't all about egos, about money or about winning at all costs. The real message here lies in the unity and range of emotion of football.

A real tragedy from triumph, a real story of utter sadness and a real sense of loss from across the globe.

It will take the Brazilian league some time to recover from this but it should not be easily forgotten by the so called super leagues too early.

It's another black day in football that will go down with the Munich Air Disaster, the Heysel Stadium Disaster, The Valley Parade Stadium Fire and of course Hillsborough.

The bigger picture

Maybe this will be a reminder to all those who are earning the cream of the cash and yet the moral integrity of these high earners is ever in dispute. Diving, spitting, biting, off field drama. It should all be put aside. Of course that is unrealistic to assume but here is hoping that for at least the time being the real focus of football can be about it's common caring and integrity.

A tragedy from triumph and a world still weeps for the loss of such a promising and inspiring side.