The best basketball league in the world, the NBA has finally started. Many players have changed their clubs but the goals have remained the same as ever. Teams’ harmony, tactics, roster, player quality, as well as the proneness to injuries can decide a champion in the end. However, the most crucial thing in deciding the teams success is the main player on the team who will carry his team throughout the season and all the way to the title. The Media has already analyzed the top players to the smallest of details. While many discuss which teams could go all the way and win the ring, we will list the players that could win the MVP award forthe 2016/2017 NBA season!!!

LeBron James says he prefers the teams success over individual awards

Top names are almost always expected to battle for the award of the MVP, but this year, some other elements is going to be taken into care to determine the winner. On one side, the desire of LeBron James to lead his team to victories rather than to win individual awards, has been taken into question. Whether the “King” prefers to win the MVP award or the championship title, was clarified as James himself explained that he cares only about the teams’ performance. His age has been taken into consideration in most of the discussions over his role in this year’s MVP award battle. After seeing how much he spared himself last season in order to win for the team, we might expect the same thing again this season.

Him getting recommended dose of minutes in order to save him for the second part of the season so he can help the team more efficiently.

What media and voters want is sometimes completely different from what actually could or should be. What are the things that Stephen Curry needs to do in order to win the MVP award for the third year consequently?

Is there any way to level up his game in order to please the voters? Many believe that media and voters have had enough of him. Not that he doesn’t deserve the award, it just that the new name is wanted for this year’s award.

Another candidate for this award is Kevin Durant, but at this point, we could see Durant and Curry cancelling each other here.

Curry as a MVP winner for two years running and Durant the 2013/2014 MVP could limit each other’s chances of winning the MVP award, as they will have to share the ball and the shots among themselves. It is because of this fact that their chances of winning the MVP award are significantly crippled.

Russell Westbrook could shine now that KD is gone

However, this could be that season of Russell Westbrook. Ever since Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder, Westbrook’s odds for winning the MVP award rose significantly. He is now expected to pick up Durant’s part in almost every aspect, and to prove he is a triple-double machine. His obstacle on the other hand is his team. The question remains if his teammates can follow him and help him all the way to the end.

Many think that it won’t be the case and that Oklahoma City Thunder will not have enough wins to secure him a chance to battle for the award.

There are several other players that we should keep an eye on, and one of them is most certainly Kawhi Leonard. Last year he deservedly won the award for Defensive Player of the Year, and he was also a runner-up in the MVP voting. He is for sure the best lockdown defender, and he has shown significant improvement each of the five previous seasons. He is a natural scorer with high athletic ability. This season he should get a lot more playing time which should enable him to play constantly and become the leader of his team throughout the season. The San Antonio Spurs are expected to finish with a high playoff seed, which is necessary for a player to win the MVP award.

With the “King” focusing more on the team rather than on the individual award, Curry and Durant in danger of cancelling each other chances, Leonard has a real chance to fight against Westbrook for the Most Valuable Player in the NBA at the end of the season.