There is a general consensus around the league that Russell Westbrook will be in line for 'one of those seasons' this year in the NBA.The bonafide superstar was a scoring, rebounding and passing machine last season, and he was a long way short of being an afterthought on the Oklahoma City Thunder’s defensive end.

Last season Westbrook averaged 23.5PPG – which is a ridiculously good number when he is also dropping over 10 dimes a game. The 6’3” assassin was even more deadly from the field the season before when Kevin Durant was down for a portion of the season – a career high 28.1PPG.

Now Westbrook is going solo for the whole season, without wingman Durant – left in free agencyfor the Golden State Warriors.So it is no surprise that many are expecting Russ to take this solo mission to heart this season, and take losing KD out on every unfortunate rim across the league. And when Westbrook is hot, then 40 and 50 point nights will become a recurring theme through the 2016/17 campaign.

With the added fire in his belly, Westbrook looks primed to do something no player in his position has ever done before.

Bold prediction

Now going bold, is all about going really bold. But while a bold prediction is meant to be unlikely, it is not meant to be bordering on impossible. So no, Russ is not going to break Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game, or even come close to his record scoring season of 50.4PPG.

But the prediction is that Westbrook will become the first Point Guard in NBA history to average over 35 points per game.

In fact, Russ will become just the 5th player ever to achieve the feat, moving into the top 10 for points in a regular season. The other four to do so…. Wilt Chamberlain (5 times), Michael Jordan, Ricky Barry and most recently in 2006, Kobe Bryant.

Can it be done

For any player this is a long shot. Kevin Durant (32.0) has been the closest in recent years, and Westbrook is not as consistent a scorer as Durant or even Stephen Curry – whose career high (30.1) doesn’t even make the top 50.

But to bring success to Oklahoma City, Westbrook must be elite this season. He is already one of the top five players in the game, and he is already a betting favourite for the Most Valuable Player award with many bookmakers.

So let’s see more than just your average MVP season, it’s time to see the very best of Westbrook unchained on the NBA.