Survivor Series, what a bumpy ride that was. Let's start right at the biggest talking points of the show. Goldberg just squashed Brock Lesnar! Literally no-one saw that coming. We all expected a trudgingly slow paced match that was sure to bore the crowd; except it lasted for a shorter amount of time than both Goldberg's entrance and the video package. From a booking standpoint, this was a ridiculous decision as it completely nulifies Lesnar going over the streak and makes anyone Lesnar has faced since being back (CM Punk, Cena, Orton, HHH, Undertaker) look like jokes.

From a nostalgic viewpoint it was great and I feel very happy for Goldberg, who by the way looked like an absolute beast. It was a strange way to end the PPV, but it certainly made for unpredictable TV!

Shane McMahon is crazy

The 2nd to last match saw the men's Team Smackdown vs Team RAW match turn into a glorious (Bobby Roode would be proud) mess of a match. Just because it was a mess does not mean it was not fun. However that awesomely scary Shane McMahon spot had us all nervous for a second as Shane's head bounced hard off the mat after a spear mid-air from Reigns. Also amazing was Dean Ambrose returning to punish AJ Styles after the two had fought earlier, leading to a Shield-reunion triple powerbomb.

You can't help but feel that The Undertaker will have something to say to Ambrose. However the finish to the match was great, with Bray Wyatt getting that HUGE win for Team Smackdown. Hopefully this will lead to a sustained push. I must also mention match MVP Randy Orton who put in an amazing performance, which including a frog spalsh into RKO spot that was timed perfectly.


The rest of the card was pretty solid. The women's Team Smackdown vs Team RAW match was a little disjointed but not awful. Bayley getting the pin was right but Sasha Banks being eliminated early felt off. Alexa Bliss is a star, she is so over and it is great to hear the reactions she is getting. The Team Smackdown vs Team RAW tag match was pretty fun.

Kalisto vs The Brian Kendrick was amazing, but the crowd did not care which was a shame. Also a shame is that the cruiserweights are staying on RAW despite having a show of their own airing after Smackdown on Tuesday nights. The Miz also retained the Intercontinental Title to keep it on Smackdown, which was of course the right call as Smackdown needs a midcard title after the draft.

Overall Survivor Series was a flawed but fun PPV, certainly not the best... but not the worst either.