Five months to the date since #Everton confirmed Ronald Koeman as their manager on a three-year deal, and the Dutch manager finds himself in a particularly precarious situation. Recent comments made about start striker #Lukaku have sparked outrage from the Everton faithful and caused a social media backlash aimed at the manager. Not even six months into his tenure and #Koeman has threatened to upset the Everton fan base by voicing controversial comments about their star striker and beloved number 10.

Lulaku's future

Speaking exclusively to #SSN, Koeman had this to say about Lukaku "his potential is higher and greater than Everton".

With Everton sitting in 7th place in the Premier League with 5 wins out of 11, not living up to expectation placed on him following an impressive spell with #Southampton; it is perplexing that Koeman would voice such an opinion in the midst of building a rapport with the supporters. Whilst Merseyside rivals #Liverpool sit top of the league in scintillating form, they juxtapose an Everton side dealing with a trigger happy manager that perhaps has too much to say. What makes Koeman's comments so intriguing is the potential motive behind them, whilst the supports voice their anger and question why their manager would verbally advertise their star man to Europe's elite; there is the possibility that he knows something that we don't.

A looming Romelu Lukaku departure has been on the cards for some time now, with a move to Arsenal being heavily speculated in the media during the last summer transfer window, so perhaps Koeman's comments are foreshadowing what is to come and the board have informed him of their decision to sell Lukaku, or perhaps the player's desire to move on at the end of the season.

With the comments being used as a ploy to drive up the price for the player. No matter the reason an experienced manager such as Koeman should know better than to make such comments that have angered a fan base that he is yet to be embraced.

Can Liverpool be champions?

On the other hand, it doesn't look like Mr. Koeman has learned his lesson by breaking the unspoken rule for Everton managers.

Never compliment Liverpool. When discussing their rivals potential title prospects this season, Koeman said "of course they can be champions this season". Cue the re-emergence of the 'Gerrard slip meme' and reminders of the 2013/14 season where a 3-3 draw at Crystal Palace catalysed the downfall of Liverpool's title challenge. However the fact remains that Koeman has publically spoken of his admiration for Everton's main rivals, on top of the Lukaku comments, fans on Twitter were left in disbelieve about their managers naivety towards speaking to the press. But, it doesn't end there.

Kicking the fans in the teeth

Adding fire to the flames of an already damaged relationship between manager and supporters, Koeman revealed his desire to one day, manage the Netherlands national team.

Whilst Liverpool fans rejoiced in the stupidity of Ronald Koeman, Everton fans despaired in complete shock that their manager has made three upsetting comments in the space of a couple of days. Already scrutinised for mediocre league form and the supposed pursuit of #Manchester United outcast Memphis #Depay, the Dutch manager has not helped himself with such comments. Even after he put pen to paper to stay at Goodison Park for three years it was the general consensus that Everton was a mere stepping stone in Koeman's managerial career, but if he insists on making consistent comments that offend the Everton fan base; he will find himself looking for a new job sooner rather than later.