Thousands of competitors are expected to attend the Mediterranean regatta organized by the yatch Club Italiano, which is held during six weeks and consists of varied short distance sailing races held on the shores of the Saint-Tropez bay and are followed by a big distance race that covers long nautical miles through the Mediterranean.

The yachting cup

Giraglia Rolex club is a sailing race of thousands of hatches and competitors held each year since 1953 in Italy. The race draws hundreds of thousands of competitors from varied parts of the world. The Mediterranean Regatta, which got its name from the island of Giraglia, has been held for more than sixty years since 1953 and has become very famous among those who practice yachting.

The yearly regatta yachting race attracts hundreds of thousands of yachting enthusiasts to the shores in the Mediterranean. The watery festival starts with long distance competitions that are held in the shores of the island of Giraglia in Saint-Tropez and as the festivities progress, the races become more attractive for the spectators and for the competitors. This regatta has its ultimate race in a 450 km (243 nautical miles) distance regatta that starts at Saint-Tropez, France and culminates in Genoa, Italy.

What is a regatta?

A regatta is a series of boat racing events that are performed on water, especially on the ocean. A regatta might include a variety of activities surrounding the water event and this event usually takes its name from the port or beach resort that organizes it.

This type of events are usually recreational sports and although most regattas are normally held for enjoyment and camaraderie, they may also be organized for competition that includes a championship.

Sailing competitions are regularly held for a single type of yatch and usually last for as long as a few days. They may be organized by a yacht club or any other social association.

There are a number of regattas around the world and the most famous and largest of them is the Henley Royal Regatta that is celebrated in the Thames River in England. Regattas may be as large as a few boats to up to 900 sail boats.

This marks the 64th edition of the sailing competition and promises to attract many competitors and spectators. Sailing through any shore or ocean is a very attractive type of social event and it will surely be an enjoyable festivity to watch.