Many fans will remember Paris Saint Germain’s clash with Real Madrid on Tuesday, or not depending on how the match was viewed. One person who’ll definitely not remember the match is Chinese commentator Dong Lu who was sacked for falling asleep and snoring during the UEFA Champions League group stage encounter. Due to the time difference between Europe and Asia, the match kicked off at 3:45am in China and the late start proved too much for the commentator as the tiredness caught up with him and eventually sent him to sleep as the match was coming closer to its dying moments.

Football fans across China were entertained by Dong Lu’s actions and many will feel that he could be forgiven for falling asleep given that the match was a dull affair. With two of Europe’s elite teams that consist of star studded line ups, it’s expected that the match will be a wild and exciting one. Unfortunately for Dong, his employers were livid and didn’t take very long for them to relieve him of his duties; Dong has since apologised to fans promising to continue his career which has spanned 20 years so far.

The sacking wasn’t the only eventful news to come out of the match, Real Madrid managed to break down PSG and win the match 1-0 thanks a goal from substitute Nacho Fernandez. The win means that Real Madrid have qualified for the round of 16 with PSG widely expected to take the other qualifying spot in the group.

As dull as the match may have seemed to spectators, it served as a strong reminder that only fans are allowed to expressed their boredom with a dull affair.

The attention in the Champions League will undoubtedly turn to the final two fixtures whilst Dong’s employers will be looking for someone to take the now infamous commentator’s position.

There will be a hope amongst a select contingent of fans that include the likes of the two clubs in this fixture as well as Manchester United that some exciting football can be played, otherwise it will set the tone for what could be a very tiresome UEFA Champions League.