Today will take place the Champions League quarter finals which decide the best four teams in Europe. There will be games today and tomorrow, big games that will capture Football fans all over the world. Bayern Munich vs F.C. Porto and Barcelona vs PSG are the two games scheduled for today. The Portuguese and Spanish squads are in advantage to guarantee a place on the top 4. However, the biggest advantage goes to Barcelona because of the away victory conquered in Paris against PSG.

The French team has to score at least three goals in order to move forward to the next stage but we can surely say that scoring three goals in Camp Nou and keeping Barcelona from scoring a goal it's a gigantic mission, not to say impossible.

The ideal scenario for the French side is to reach a score of 2-0 as quickly as possible to blunt the Catalan side. If PSG allows Barcelona to score a goal then all can be over in a blink of an eye.

F.C. Porto defeated Bayern Munich 3 to 1 and travels to Germany with a good advantage but at the same time we can say that the result is dangerous. Bayern Munich, which continues to struggle against a wave of injuries that has weakened their squad, has to win by a two-goal difference at least. The away goal can help the German squad reaching the semi-finals but a goal from F.C. Porto could complicate a lot Bayern Munich's mission. The statistics are favourable to the Portuguese team because of the fact that they normally don't throw away a two-goal advantage.

It certainly will help F.C. Porto to score first in the game.

On Wednesday we have the following games: Monaco vs Juventus and Real Madrid vs Atletico de Madrid. The outcome of these games is more uncertain comparing to the other two games. Juventus has won the first leg 1-0 at home but, if you have to win by a one-goal difference, without a doubt that 1-0 is the best result.

Monaco will have to score a goal to tie this round and shake a little bit the Italian side but, if Juventus scores first, it will obligate the French squad to score at least three goals in order to move to the next stage, task that will be practically impossible regarding the value of the Juventus team.

Last, but not least, we have the Madrid derby.

The draw registered in the first leg game benefits more the Atletico squad. The team managed by Diego Simeone has become an unpleasant opponent to Real Madrid. After the Champions League final last year, Atletico defeated Real Madrid in three different competitions in Spain and is going to Bernabéu to try the 4th. For the Atletico team, a victory or a draw with goals can give the Colchoneros the semi-finals. Ronaldo and his teammates will have to be 100% aware of the danger that the Atletico squad can create. To make things worse for Real Madrid, Modric, Gareth Bale and Benzema are injured and can't play this important game.