FIFA has ruled out compensation for clubs and leagues that are unhappy with the governing body's decision, to schedule the 2022 Qatar World Cup in November and December. It has also ruled out that an apology is necessary for the scheduling, which will disrupt a significant number of league games.

Following the controversial decision of a FIFA taskforce that has recommended to shift the World Cup into the winter months of November and December to avoid Qatar's harsh summer climate, Secretary General Jerome Valcke said, "There will be no compensation. There are seven years to reorganise." FIFA's executive committee is expected to ratify the decision when they meet, next month in Zurich.

Valcke said the possibility of a December 23rd final game was looking increasingly likely, a move that has already attracted much criticism due to its proximity to Christmas. For instance, English Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore said that a final so close to Christmas would harm the traditional festive club programme. FIFA President has also gone on record saying he wants the final to be played a week earlier.

UEFA, the European Football governing body, and other confederations have expressed their keenness to play a final on 23rd December according to Valcke, but 18 December still remains a possible date for the game. The general secretary also confirmed that the Qatar World Cup will be four days shorter than the usual 31 or 32 days as a "concession" to clubs and leagues. He also stated that the Africa Cup of Nations, scheduled to be held in January 2023, will now be held in June that year.

Valcke admitted that the situation was "not perfect" but expressed his surprise that the issue of compensation was being raised by people all over Europe, including executives from the English Premier League and the Scottish Football Association. He said: "It's happening once, we're not destroying football." He said FIFA already shares the benefits of the biggest football event with clubs, sharing $40m in 2010 and $70m in 2014.