As expected, Facebook announced Messenger Platform today, with over 40 applications now supported on the platform: "Messenger is a place where you can express much more than just the words," said Mark Zuckerberg opening the conference for developers.

To recount in detail the development of the app, the former president of PayPal, David Marcus, who arrived in Menlo Park a year ago: Messenger will now give direct access to the content of the supported applications.

From today - immediately for those who can already update the application, in the next few days as the release rolls out - you can create GIF, audio, video, special effects and other content directly choosing "Other" from the chat options, without the need to get out from the app. Each received content will also have a direct link to the application used to create it, to facilitate the response by the same means, or a link to the App Store, if the recipient needs an app that is not installed on his phone.

The biggest news, though, is the use of Messenger as a platform for eCommerce. On sites that will enable the option, you can add Messenger to receive notifications of buying, shipping, tracking and delivery.

"For each of these different events, we receive a different email that generates different conversations," said Marcus. With notifications on Messenger, on the other hand, all information will be in one conversation. And, since the identity of the buyer will be verified, you can ask for a replacement, a refund or a new purchase simply by chatting with the customer care via Messenger. And a thumbs up is all you need to confirm the purchase.

Remains to be seen if you can also make payment via Messenger, perhaps with the integration of the new feature, announced last week, that allows you to send and receive money through the app itself. This will be launched in the next few months in the US. By linking a credit card (Mastercard or Visa) the 500 millions users of the app will be able to send money by clicking a dedicated button with a dollar sign as icon.