When most people think of a football world cup, their first guess would be that the team hosting the world cup would be a good team. But is this always the case?

The point of this post is to highlight the growing problem in this current world: stereotypes! It is all good and well having a stereotype of someone, but to say that people have to be exactly like a stereotype? Well that is simply too much, imagine a complete hell being trapped within an activity that you simply hate, surely that would be terrible for anyone?

These days a lot of girls are expected to play with barbies and boys to be into football, but what if the guys don't like football?

What if the girls don't like barbies? What is the general conception of this idea? It is often thought that girls like barbies and boys like football, but what would people say if the boy round the corner admitted he didn't want to be a footballer, does this get looked down on?

A lot of women may have never been interested in football, but they are not the ones who are stereotyped to like football. Some guys must feel pressured to like football but what if they don't? It is hard to imagine a boy sitting with barbies, or a girl playing football, but things like this do happen! A problem which this growing world needs to learn, is to accept that all humans are different. Forget the stereotypes, forget what is written in the books, just let kids flourish and perfect anything they love.

Surely, it is a thousand times better for someone to be brilliant at something they love, than to be struggling with something they hate?

The best way to live, is not to frown upon someone for living their dreams. After all, wouldn't most people rather stand out than be an exact copy of the people around them? This is the same as saying a woman has to stay inside cleaning all the time, really?

Why can't it just be a case of doing what you love, instead of doing what others expect you to do? That said, if you're a boy and want to play football, then do it, don't limit someone's abilities down to "what they are expected to do" limit their abilities to what they would like to do. In fact, don't limit their abilities at all, so if you're not interested in the same activities that your friends of the same gender are, then prove the people wrong who say you cannot do something which you love!

Same going for those who like art, some people may even attend art classes in their own time where they get to make things out of clay, draw, basically any artistic thing that they feel like doing. This could be one of their favourite activities but is it wrong if they are surrounded by many guys who are also interested in art? No it isn't, that doesn't mean to say they shouldn't be doing this, it just means they don't like what everyone else likes and don't mind being different. So it does not matter what someone is interested in, let them love what they love.

So back to the football, you would expect a country that is hosting a football World Cup to be quite a good team, but what if they don't do as well on the day?

Take for example, the Holland v Brazil match. Some people may have put bets on a particular score so is this to say that the team people have put a bet on to lose isn't a good team? Not at all, maybe they just are not performing as well on the night. The result ended with Holland racking up the most points, this doesn't mean to say Brazil is a rubbish team. With even more practice they could improve in future years!

Don't forget the other game between Germany and Brazil, Germany won that game with a huge points advantage so maybe Brazil aren't brilliant but they tried! If you don't succeed once, it really doesn't mean you won't succeed in the future! It just goes to show that not everything is as it seems. Just because Brazil were hosting the world cup, does not mean they were the best team going, it just means it is their chance to host!