“Theevandi” is a Malayalam Film directed by Fellini T. P. The flick is a political satire and is expected to get a thumbs up by the Malayalees.

“Theevandi” literally means the old steam engine which has long been retired by the railways in most of the world. Tovino is a very talented and emerging actor in the Malayalam film industry.

The film has smoking as its background and hence the name “Theevandi.” The flick is scheduled to be released on 24th of August.

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Talking about how he managed to rope in Tovino who is a very busy actor, debutant director Fellini TP said that the process for making the film started two years back.

Tovino had just completed his “Oru Mexican Aparatha” and was getting busy. However today he is very busy and would be extremely difficult to sign. Tovino was enamored by the freshness of the role, a role he had never reprised before.

The song 'Jeevamshamayi' has already become a hit among Malayalees around the world. The trailer and the song ‘Jeevamshamayi’ are very melodious and already become a chartbuster.

The plot of the flick is straightforward, an unemployed guy who is a chain smoker as the title suggests, hails from a village. It is not a comedy, and the humor is more situational and not forced upon you. The film is also not a saga against smoking or drugs and alcohol. It is just a feel-good entertainer about a character who drinks and smokes.

It is not a dark film.

Fellini also jokingly said that the flick would have some anti-smoking warnings popping up everywhere since there will be smoking scenes throughout the film. The movie must be seen as a family – friendly entertainer and not a sermon against smoking.

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