New interesting information continues to come out regarding Pokémon GO, along with new exciting features coming to the augmented reality game. In recent days, the Pokémon GO community has been subjected to many rumours and speculations internationally on social media. Yesterday, new information started running wild that Niantic was rolling out a new gym system and that the developer is bringing back the Ace Trainer Medal to the game. This information has not been confirmed as of yet by the developer, but it is not a secret that many Pokémon GO players and trainers worldwide suggest that Niantic needs to improve these features.

News continues running wild on social media. Now, what really brings us here is a new information that suggests that the developer is working on the release of new exciting Diamond & Pearl Pokémon, which will be arriving at the game soon. Below is everything we know right now concerning the new Pokémon that will be adding by Niantic and the latest events coming to Pokémon GO.

The new Diamond & Pearl creatures coming to the augmented reality game

A few months ago, Niantic released an update for Pokémon GO which added several creatures from Hoenn, where Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire take place. Since then, those who grew up playing the fourth generation of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl feel anxious, since the next creatures on the way are the original ones of Sinnoh.

If you are one of them you will be glad to know that it may not be long before that happens.

As we all know, yesterday morning, a Twitter user known as Doctor Pogo accidentally ran into John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, on a flight and there they talked about the future of Pokémon GO. During the talk, Hanke confirmed that the Niantic developers are already working on the fourth generation of Pokémon.

While it is true that Niantic did not share a release date for these creatures, a source close to Niantic in Japan has just revealed interesting new details on the subject.

When are the new Pokémon arriving to the game?

According to the information revealed by this source, which preferred to remain anonymous, the developer is planning to launch these new creatures at a new event that Niantic developers are organising.

However, the date of this new event was not confirmed. The source has also revealed that Niantic will be incorporating new features in the augmented reality game as well as other interesting surprises.