So who is Miss Holland? She is a rude, crude and crass Beauty Queen who hits the Streets Of London to learn about UK culture and bag herself a royal husband. Hands off Miss Holland, Harry is already taken.

Unique comedy

The unique comedy was created by award-winning comedian Eline Van Der Velden who developed the idea while trying to make it as an actor in LA. Eline, 31, told us "I wasn't getting proper roles and my agent kept telling me to lose weight and to do my hair and make-up better, but that really isn't me." Eline's Dutch beauty queen alter-ego comes to the UK to learn just why Britain is so Great.

Miss Holland is very misguided about the British culture and wants to learn how to become a lady while immersing herself in the country's modern culture. However, it seems to all go wrong with everyone she meets along the way. The Dutch native told us: "I wanted to come to Britain because it is the land of comedy, I love Sacha Baron Cohen and Rowan Atkinson. I have worked with BBC in the past, I did a video about gender bias and a science series called Putting It Out There."

Full body makeover

In the first episode Miss Holland visits Love Island star Chloe Crowhurst, 22, and enjoys a full body makeover, Eline revealed: "I stopped shaving my legs and armpits to make it even funnier, but filming got pushed back for nine months, so I turned into a hairy beast".

She also visits a royal butler who teaches her the etiquette that Meghan Markle will have to learn before the royal wedding.

Eline said: “While filming the show members of the public didn't realise it was a spoof and it was very difficult to convince them. I found it really easy when I was filming to stay in character. I have actually been speaking in a Dutch accent for month, it has been driving all my friends crazy."

Eline owns her own production company called Particle 6 Productions which produced the show and she herself directed it, alongside Leslie Coutterand.

Miss Holland already seems to be creating waves online ahead of it's BBC debut. Away from the media spotlight, Eline holds a degree in physics and nuclear science. 'People always tell me it's a strange career move but I think acting is a love for understanding how humans think and physics is an understanding of how nature works. So I've decided to bring my skills together and write a comedy about physics.

Catch Miss Holland on BBC Three and BBC Three’s YouTube channel from Friday 16 March.