Pixar Studios will now be releasing the long-awaited sequel to a film that both children and adults have probably watched at least one-thousand times since it came out in 2004.That's right, creator of the hit animated-superhero-comedy film The Incredibles Brad Bird has written the continuation of the much beloved Pixar film. Literally, the film will pick up exactly from where the previous film ended fourteen nearly fourteen years before, so I recommend watching it again in case you have forgotten what the super-powered family were up to last time they were on our screens.

Most of the original cast will be returning, Craig T. Nelson as Bob Parr/ Mr Incredible, Holly Hunter as Helen Parr/ Elastagirl, Sarah Vowell as Violet Parr and Samuel Jackson as a fellow superhero, who comes to back up the Incredibles Lucius Best/ Frozone. The only change in casting will be the character of Dashiell Robert Parr/ Dash, the super-speedy and mischievous son of Mr Incredibile and Elastagirl, who will now be voiced by young actor Huck Milner, taking over the role previously done by Spencer Fox, this is Milner's first credited acting role.

Brad Bird a screenwriter who previously worked on The Simpsons and also wrote another successful animated film, Ratatouille (2007) has commented on the big gap between his first hit and the highly anticipated sequel saying that he had always intended to continue the story of this superhero family by saying that he understood that he needed to avoid the self-deprecating satire of films that have come out since, which are also within the superhero genre.

While Bird has not revealed all about the film he has revealed that the sequel will follow a similar story arc to the original film. It will be the same concept audiences fell in love with, as we get to see the journey of a protagonist, utilizing their powers and abilities to save the world from a new villain; while learning what exactly it means to them to be a superhero.

Where the previous film focused on Nelson's Character Mr Incredible struggling to come to terms with being banned from being a superhero, trying to adjust to being a working husband and dad. Then seeing him get offered the chance to be a superhero again, under false pretences, get lured into a trap and overcoming his adversary with the help of his family.

This time, however, Holly Hunter's character Elastagirl takes centre stage in this film, as she goes up against The Underminer played by former Cheers actor John Ratzenberger, who is also known for providing the voice of toy pig Hammy, from the Pixar classic Toy Story (1995). Fans may remember that Hunter's character was the rational and cautious voice in contrast to Nelson's reckless character.

As I said Bird is keeping details of the plot under-raps, so we will have to wait and see how Elatagirl's story will lead to her own epiphany about what it means to be a hero, if you remember how in the first film the character was the more reluctant to balance being a hero with having a family, perhaps what she will learn to accept the idea that being a super-mum is the one thing she should not be fighting.

But don't worry fans of Mr Incredible in case you are afraid that your favourite hero will be pushed into the background, only serving a minimal role, there is, in fact, a humorous sub-plot suggested by the film trailer. While Elastagirl will be stepping into the shoes of the main superhero, her husband is going to step-up to look after the children at home.

If you remember towards the end of the first film we got to see the baby Jack-Jack first show his powers when he defeated his captor Syndrome, however, his family remained oblivious that their presumed normal son actually seemed to possess more powers than the rest of them, It seems that this film Bob will be the first to discover his baby boy's wealth of superpowers it is sure to be a hilarious reaction.

The film will be released in the U.S. on the 15th of July 2018, it has not been revealed when it will be released in the UK but at least now we know it is on the horizon and I am sure that this particular sequel will exceed our expectations.