The long awaited Episode 81 of the emblematic Japanese series "Dragon Ball Super" has already been released. Not all is good news, however. During the week, and after the leaks of so many spoilers about the exhibition battles organized to entertain the Zeno-Sama, we bring you sad news. Episode 82’s release date will be postponed.

The episode that should have been released on March 11th will be in fact postponed to March 18th. Nevertheless, and despite this sad news, we expect new information to be coming soon which will be brought to us by the Shonen Jump magazine’s weekly release.

What will happen in episode 82?

So far, what we know is that the episode’s title is “I will never forgive you Son Goku! Toppo, the warrior of Justice!Obviously we can expect a fierce battle between Son Goku and Toppo. What is curious is that the warrior from Universe 11, who claims to be a warrior of justice, should be considered to be an aspirant to being a God of creation because his ideals indicate that he is in fact, an aspirant to be a God Of Destruction. This somehow goes against his ideals of justice and righteousness, since the role he aspires to doesn’t necessarily require someone with righteous ideals. In fact, as a God of destruction, he cannot let his job be influenced by such thoughts as it would be irresponsible.

Such is the fame created around the Gods of destruction that it is believed that they can destroy at their will, giving no explanations about why they do it.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what kind of power this warrior have to gain to earn such an honor and how Goku manages to face him.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Back to episode 81; we’ve arrived at the conclusion that Goku may be stronger than, at least, the God of destruction of Universe 9. We say this because in the last episode Goku transformed into Super Saiyan Blue, combined with the power of the Kaioken, and it was in that moment that the Saiyan unleashed his full power.

The God of destruction from Universe 9 said while cowling in fear “Wow, that Universe 7 surely is scary!” These words allow us to believe that Goku may not be as powerful as Beerus is but this doesn’t necessarily mean that he cannot be stronger than the Gods of destruction of other Universes. In any case, the future will tell if Goku truly has the power to match himself with a God of destruction.