Streaming service Netflix is extending its deal with superstar funnyman Adam Sandler. He’s made Netflix his home with the western ‘comedy’ “The Ridiculous 6” and action ‘comedy’ “The Do-Over” (alongside David Spade, who this year cropped up in Netflix’s original romcom series “Love”), and the upcoming “Sandy Wexler.” Let’s put it this way: some Netflix originals are powerful, racially charged documentary “13th”; others are “The Ridiculous 6.”

Anyway, Sandler’s original deal was for four films, so it looked as though the nightmare was almost over, but now it’s looking like the nightmare’s about to start all over again, as he’s signed another deal for four more films.

Will it ever end? Probably not. Let’s just hope this isn’t a premonition of a second Trump term.

Sandler’s fourth film rumoured to co-star Chris Rock

The fourth Film in Sandler’s first four-film deal with Netflix is rumoured to feature Chris Rock in its cast. Rock recently signed a Netflix deal himself to bring two exclusive new standup specials to the streaming service. Rock is one of the main black voices of comedy, alongside the likes of Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and Dave Chappelle. His comedy is edgy and brilliant, and hopefully he can finally make this a Sandler Netflix film that’s worth our time.

Sandler’s Netflix films, all eight of which they either already have or will fund from day one to completion, reach users in 190 countries.

The actor is expected to remain mostly faithful to Netflix while he is under contract there, with no two-timing theatrical releases. However, he is due to make an appearance in Noah Baumbach’s latest little indie, but that won’t make too much of a splash that it bankrupts Netflix; his last film made $2.7 million.

‘Sandy Wexler’ is based on Sandler’s real-life manager

“Sandy Wexler” is about a talent manager in the 1990s, and it’s no coincidence that Sandler got his start as a movie star in the 1990s and his manager’s name is Sandy Wernick. Wexler is based on Wernick and his mannerisms, and from the trailer, he looks like a dimwit, so how he managed to conquer Hollywood is incomprehensible, but he has, and now there’s a movie about him coming to Netflix in April.

“Sandy Wexler” co-stars Jennifer Hudson alongside regular Sandler collaborators like Kevin James, Terry Crews, Nick Swardson (ugh), and Rob Schneider (ugh!!).

For some reason, Sandler has managed to draw in a lot of subscribers for Netflix, and somehow he’s managed to get them to stay despite them seeing both “The Ridiculous 6” and “The Do-Over.” Netflix, while they don’t release the actual viewership figures, have referred to Sandler’s first two originals as their biggest film releases. It’s probably because, while Sandler’s last theatrical releases before the jump to streaming, like “Pixels,” underperformed because his comedy is better suited to a late night Netflix sesh than a day out at the movies.

So, this way we skip the middleman and the movie business is revolutionised. And they let Sandler do whatever he wants and kids like to watch his films and adults like to watch them when they’re drunk or high and Netflix are apparently getting huge hits out of it, so everybody wins. Netflix boss Ted Sarandos loves Adam Sandler, saying that “his movies have proven to be extremely successful with our subscribers around the world.” He says that the company are “thrilled at the opportunity to extend our partnership with Adam...and keep the world laughing.” Eh.