Tom Hiddleston may appear to many as a debonair and suave celebrity on screen, ready-made to step into the shoes of Daniel Craig when he ultimately decides to call time on his James Bond experience. Yet The Night Manager star revealed another side to his character to chat show host Graham Norton, remembering the time when co-star Tom Hollander asked him to live up to his Eton nickname of “Piddle” in his hour of need.

Stung by a jellyfish

The rather surreal situation related to the time when Hollander was stung by a jellyfish. Seeking a solution to his predicament, he nonchalantly shouted across to pal Hiddleston “I say old sport could you come and pee on me?” Although slightly sceptical about the likely benefits of his actions, Hiddleston was only too willing to oblige the unusual request.

His doubts have been confirmed after subsequent investigation, as he told Norton and The Graham Norton Show audience that “I’ve since read up on it and I don’t think it works,” adding that he now believes it as being ”an old wives’ tale.”

Bullied at Eton

Hiddleston also revealed that he was bullied during his time at Eton College during his school years, resulting in him wetting the bed. Seizing upon the uncomfortable incident, classmates then branded him with the unfortunate nickname of “Piddle”. His closest friends still call him “Pid” but as a term of affection rather than being hurtful.

British acting talent to the fore

The Night Manager has certainly bolstered Hiddleston’s already impressive acting CV, since it burst on to TV last year.

The critically acclaimed modern-day adaptation of a John le Carre novel featured a wealth of British acting talent, including House star Hugh Laurie, BAFTA winner Olivia Colman and David Harewood (Homeland).

Hollander in the limelight

Hollander - who featured as the character Corky in the edgy BBC drama - is also enjoying his time in the limelight after a string of impressive and memorable performances both in films and television in recent times.

Alongside the moody Tom Hardy

The 49-year-old Bristolian has followed up on his portrayal of Lord Cutler Beckett in the hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean film series, by branching out into different acting genres. His lead appearance in the sitcom Rev. helped the popular if quirky sitcom to claim a British Academy Television Award in 2011 and he can currently be seen alongside Tom Hardy in the dark Saturday evening drama series Taboo on the BBC.