They may share the adulation of James Bond fans with their stunning film signature tunes, but Adele and Dame Shirley Bassey seem to be poles apart when asked if they would ever consider adding their vocals to a future project for the franchise. While Bassey backs the stance of Never Say Never Again, the younger Skyfall songstress seems to be adamant that she will not repeat the feat.

Continued success for Adele

With her global fan-base swelling after another stellar year of record sales and plaudits aplenty after her world tour, Adele looks set to take a welcome break next year as she looks to add to her family.

Her album 25 has ensured that the 28-year-old singer/ songwriter has maintained a presence in the showbiz limelight, continuing the progression from previous releases 19 and 21.

Ruling out Bond return

Yet the London-born, multi- Grammy award winner seems to be ruling out a Bond return, despite her haunting vocals on Skyfall ultimately bagging a prized Oscar four years back. Producers were said to be keen to tempt the pop queen back in 2018 for “Bond 25”, but Adele has claimed that she “would never do it again” as it “went so well” last time and she would “never want to jinx it.

Age no barrier for Bassey

That approach seems to be in stark contrast to her older singing compatriot. As she approaches the grand age of 80, Bassey seems to have few qualms about adding her distinctive tones to another Bond film.

Would be a fourth Bond theme

Her track record in that regard is hugely impressive, having already recorded the themes to Diamonds Are Forever, Moonraker and most memorably Goldfinger. But her advancing years don’t seem set to diminish her singing ambitions just yet, judging by her recent comments.

When interviewed on the possibility by Little Britain star David Walliams as part of a BBC special on her life, Cardiff’s finest replied: “Yes, why not!”

Nerves before Goldfinger track

However, her seemingly unwavering confidence in front of the microphone – after a career that started back in the 1950s - was put into some context when asked about how she prepares to sing her trademark Goldfinger track. She honestly divulged to Walliams that she found performing the song a “little terrifying because I know that note is coming at the end.