Rob Liefeld, creator of the “Deadpool” comic book and character, wants Russell Crowe to play the role of Cable in the upcoming sequel to the 2016 smash hit starring Ryan Reynolds that went on to become the highest grossing R-rated Film of all time (surpassing the likes of “The Hangover” and “Ted”).

Liefeld sent a tweet to Crowe telling him he “should read” for the part of Cable, who will be appeared in the “Deadpool” sequel and also the forthcoming “X-Force” movie. Then he added, “Just sayin...” probably not expecting Crowe to reply, but he did.

Crowe is teasing the offer

Crowe replied to Liefeld’s tweet, saying, “I should read for it?” To be fair, he’s an A-list star with many, many starring roles in blockbusters under his belt, from “Gladiator” to “A Beautiful Mind” to “Robin Hood” to (last year’s best film) “The Nice Guys” to “Noah” to “The Next Three Days” to “LA Confidential” to “The Insider” to “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World,” so it’s a bit insulting to expecting him to “read” for a part, like he’s just starting out, or like there’s a chance he’s not going to get it.

Liefeld backtracked a little bit, apologised for using the word “read,” admitting it was “poorly worded” and telling Crowe he is a “huge fan” of his work.

Crowe responded again, saying that it was up to Ryan Reynolds to make the call, and that if he wants Crowe for the part, “he’ll find a way.” Crowe teased Liefeld further by posting a fan-made artwork of his likeness in the role of Cable, asking Liefeld for his “thoughts” about what Crowe looked like in the role.

‘Deadpool 2’ will make Cable’s origin story clearer

Crowe’s character, if he plays him, won’t be as complicated as he is in the comics. Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, the screenwriters behind the first “Deadpool” movie and its upcoming sequel, say that the Cable of their script will have a clearer and watered-down version of the character’s “convoluted origin” from the comics.

The casting of Cable has been the cause of on-set problems, with “Don’t Breathe” star Stephen Lang originally campaigning for the part and humiliating himself and director Tim Miller leaving the film because he disagreed with Reynolds over who should play Cable, with Miller wanting Kyle Chandler from “Friday Night Lights” and Reynolds seeing him as the (obviously if 20th Century Fox had to pick sides, which they did, they were going to go with the face of the film who is the entire reason for its success rather than the unknown director to whom they gave a big break and is now being ungrateful for it), so Crowe is really stepping into a shark tank getting involved in that mess. Replacing Miller is “John Wick” director David Leitch, so expect it to be more energetic than the first one.