Don Cheadle, Laura Dern and Anna Kendrick live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in the city of Los Angeles have announced the nominations for the prestigious 74th Golden Globe Awards. To nobody’s surprise – with all the positive critical traction it has garnered – the cast and crew of La, La Land dominates the categories outperforming every other picture on the nomination run.

Hitting the right notes

The LA-musical-loveletter has a total of seven nominations which includes best actor and Actress (musical or Comedy) for its main stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

The director Damien Chazelle (also the man responsible for 2014’s critically-acclaimed Whiplash) is in the run for best director – I mean after his last two pictures who’s really going to doubt the man at this point?.

Right on Reynolds

In contrast, to everyone’s surprise- 2016’s favourite, rated-R, superhero, raunchy action and comedy film: Deadpool, has nominations. The main star of the film, Ryan Reynolds, is in the run for best actor (musical or comedy) after this nomination. No doubt its director Tim Miller has to be sour especially as the two had a spat regarding creative differences regarding the franchise progression. Now with this nomination the property is further going to stick into people’s minds as Mr Reynold’s success over his...

The success of 20th Century Fox’s comic-book movie doesn’t stop there. Deadpool also managed to gain a place in the best motion picture category for music or comedy, right next to the likes of La, La Land. This was no doubt as a result of a lack of actual great comedy pieces in the past year. No offence especially to those who enjoyed the Ghostbuster’s 2016 remake.

There’s a huge doubt that it will trump the Oscar-bait musical but it certainly earned its place in the comedy list for making its fourth-wall breaking humour work on the big screen.

Rapidly becoming one of the greats

Mahershala Ali continues to show Hollywood he has the acting chops to dominate the big and small screen. After glowing-critical success for his performances in Netflix originals such as House of Cards (playing the character of Remy Danton) and Luke Cage (playing the antagonist “Cottonmouth”) Mr Ali demonstrates he’s becoming one of the best in the business.

Deservingly so, he has garnered a nomination for best supporting actor in Moonlight. The Barry Jenkin’s directed picture has been given a nomination for best motion picture (drama) with its other supporting actress Naomie Harris gaining a nomination as well. The film, in total, has four nominations.

Sulk on, Sully

These notable success are deserved, but Golden Globe snubs do happen – even to prestigious, acclaimed and veteran directors. Martin Scorsese’s Silence, to arrive in theatres on December 23rd, and as well as Clint Eastwood’s Sully hasn’t garnered the attention of a single award.