With 385,782 comments and counting, Kim Kardashian fans are wondering where she has gone. Yet Kim hasn't actually GONE anywhere! She just hasn't posted up a photo on her Instagram page since October 2nd.

On 3rd October it was reported that Kim was held up at gunpoint in a private residence in Paris where she was mugged of her jewellery worth up to $10,000,000. (£7.9 million).

How has the Paris robbery changed her?

Famous for her pouting selfies and explicit photos of herself and her famous husband Kanye West, the uploads suddenly came to a halt.

Kim personally choses to exploit herself daily, showcasing the world what possessions she owns which of course backfired and put her in an extremely vulnerable psotion.

With 86.6 million followers on Instagram, it was very easy to know her whereabouts.

"Please come back" one fan posted on her latest Instagram photo.

"I can't live without you on my feed!" writes another. Has the world really come to fanatic people relaying on photos from a reality TV star to survive?

Shockingly, Kim's enthusiasts don't appear to be too interested about what she is actually up to these days, they simply want her back on Instagram where her life is observed - underwear and all!

The shift in celebrity bragging culture

Instagram has become so hugely popular worldwide; with 500 million active users monthly, this Social media app has become part of our daily routine. Checking, admiring, sharing, commenting and of course trolling people's photos, people have come on board and joind the world of living behind a computer screen.

Through the medium of photos, eveyone across the globe is able to know what is going on in the news before they have even made their morning cup of coffee! Maybe EVERYONE'S life, whether they like it or not will be hanging out with the laundry for all the world to see soon enough!

But social media does have its perks. People are able to connect, engage and even learn from the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Global communication is down to how computers have developed and it will only keep on growing. Not only has it changed that way we communicate, it is also changing how people do business, all for the better. Kardashian also suggested who her vote would be in the US election via social media recently.

Most people argue that Kim, Paris Hilton and others before her are "famous for nothing".

Film stars, politicians and other well-known personalities gain people's respect for what they do and say, but Kim's fan base is down to her daily poses and her ever growing bottom.

Apart from the reality TV show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and the famous leaked sex tape back in 2003, it is social media that has grown her "celebrity" status of who she is today. Marrying Kanye West certainly helped matters too.

So once Kim returns to Instagram, the self-obsessed reality TV star may be posting up more modest images from now on. She may not have deserved to have experianced such a fightening encounter, however the realisation may have made her think and appreciate that life isn't just about diamonds and Christian Louboutin boots.