In the days following the announcement of his divorce from Angelina Jolie, actor Brad Pitt is being sketched by press and Tv reports as the bad one in the relationship and the sole person responsible for the divorceof the year. There's no rumor about any possible flaw in Angelina Jolie's conduct, or any suggestion of a co-responsibility in the split. No one seems particularly interested in a possible re-thinking from the two; how they will deal with the custody of theirsix children [VIDEO] or how they are going to split their money and multiple properties.

It's all about how Brad has been mean to Angelina and how she finally got fed up withit.

Brad Pitt, the villain

If gossip'sto be believed, Brad Pitt is an unrepentant cheater and has done to Angelina Jolie what he did before to Jennifer Aniston. Brad Pitt is a bad father who verbally and physically abused his children. He's a boozer and smokes weed on the couch all day. He doesn't really care about the humanitarian causes he's been sponsoring through the years. Perhaps some of these rumors will turn out to be true (Pitt is being investigated by FBI for a suspected incident involving his son Maddox and is fully cooperating). Nonetheless, this sudden, one-sided barrage of vicious speculations suggests a scenario that once again is for the use and consumption of the media and not representative of what's actually going on behind the curtain.

No proof yet to back up allegations

Truth is, there is no proof yet for any of these allegations, nor has Pitt ever had any previous record for uncontrolled behavior. Truth is, Brad Pitt is a sex symbol and a man of brains. He is rich, famous, has beenmarried to one of the most beautifulfemale stars in Hollywood. He has always been consistent about his philanthropic work.

He has a network of friends that includes George Clooney, Guy Ritchie, and David Beckham.

Brad Pitt simply hadtoo much for too long and it seems now it is his turn to be publicly torn apart. Plus, peoplejust can't trust that there is nothing out of the ordinary in there. After all, a divorce of two celebrities must necessarily contain some vicious drama behind it all.

For all the sensationalism in the news titles, there's still no substance to the gossip around this story and possibly there won't be any.According to the "Telegraph," the star of "Ocean Eleven" is furious about the 'smear campaign' and will fight for custody of his six children.