On a preview of what will come next Wednesday, James Carden who conducts CBS Late late Show gives a ride to the first lady on the patios of the White House. This occurs during a segment of the late show in which James Carden drives a vehicle and then picks up a celebrity for a ride with him on a tour of a world city. While on the car tour, the conductor and the celebrity chat and sing a song, often a very famous song of her/his. Many famous celebraties have taken the ride with James Carden, including Adele, Justin Bieber, Elton John, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jennifer Lopez, among many others.

Carpool karaoke at the White House

¨What´s your business here at the White house, ¨ an officer demands the conductor.

¨I´m oh, I know, I´m on a tour, ¨ James answers hesitantly.

Immediately, Michelle Obama enters the car, saying;

¨HI dear, are you here for the 1:45 tour? ¨ ¨Do you want to go for a spin? ¨

Following this, the first lady asks;

¨Do you mind if we listen to some Music, I really get to listen to music in the car, ¨ she explains.

You´ll probably don´t want to miss what it´s missing in this YouTube video; the conductor then says;

¨When was the last time you got to do this? ¨

¨I´ve been in a car maybe this month ago with my daughter who learned d to drive and the only time…….. It´s been seven and a half years.¨

After discovering how long it took the first lady to seat in the front seat of the car, the tension lessens and James Carden and the first lady sing along to Beyoncé single ladies.

Celebrities singing along their own hits have become a phenomenon to watch in this brief segment of the late late show; however, when Michelle Obama announced that she will appear singing to the sound of radio music in the front seat of a passenger car, it was the ultimate confirmation of approval of what has turned into a viral sensation.

Viral phenomenon

The segment in which Adele took a ride in the carpool karaoke became the most viewed (90 million times) video in the history of the late show. Justin Bieber clip was viewed 70 million times and Iggy Azalea´s was viewed 31 million times.

There is no doubt that the casual atmosphere experienced in the carpool along with the relaxed complicity of the late late show´s host situate celebrities in a favorable kind of mood that provokes positive emotional feelings I those who follow the show.