The year is still young and there are plenty of festivals with slots to fill, but so far Music fans have been left a little underwhelmed by the big announcements of festival headliners. Glastonbury's news that Coldplay would be returning for a record time at the June festival was met with a lukewarm response. Today's announcement is no better. V Festival organisers are proud to declare that they have secured two of pop music's biggest superstars: Rhianna and Justin Bieber.

Can Bieber offer a headline slot that is worthy of this big occasion?

V Festival has always been one of the more mainstream offerings on the UK festival scene; if you are going to find a manufactured pop act anywhere it is on their main stage.

While many festival goers can appreciate the talent and presence of someone like Rhianna, and at least name a few of her songs, the decision to book both her and Bieber as headliners has angered prospective ticket holders that had hoped to see at least one band at the top of the bill. Further down the list, at unspecified slots, are bands that are more used to the festival scene and sure to draw big crowds. Veterans Kaiser Chiefs and Faithless are also appearing, as are Bastille, Jake Bugg and Years & Years. Fans will be hoping for a chance to see one of these on a secondary stage as Bieber is performing.

The proposition of a Justin Beiber headline show also brings up another important question: will he show up and make it all the way through?

Bieber is more of a diva than Rhianna and is more famous for the times he has left a stage and caused a fuss than for any of the songs he has performed. He once cancelled an appearance half way because his adoring fans were trying to take his towel. The UK audience loves to express their contempt for acts they feel are unworthy, such as the Kim Kardashian flag at Kanye's Glastonbury set, and this crowd could do much worse than simply boo him.

One sound issue from the technicians or the glimpse of a derogatory sign and Justin will surely be off. It is time for music lovers to place their bets: how long will the set last and will he even show up at all?