Matilda ‘Tilly’ Ramsay, daughter of world famous chef Gordon Ramsay has just been given a new Television deal by the BBCfor her show ‘Matilda and the Ramsay bunch’ which will extend the run of the hit show for a few more seasons. This is great news for the young chef as the current season of the show has yet to conclude. The young teenager aims to be a professional chef like her father and will be joined by him, her mother Tara as well as her three siblings Holly, Megan and Jack and with such popularity it seems as if she’s on her way there.

Tilly’s family friendly show and relaxed attitude provides a contrast to that of her father who is well known for losing his temper, insulting chefs and going on rants full of swear words on his shows, most notably Hell’s Kitchen.

The show has seen her popularity skyrocket as she was invited alongside her to take part in a ‘cook-off’ on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where the contrasting attitude between her and her father was showcased. The meals in her show aren’t as extravagant as the ones that are seen in Hell’s Kitchen but are still good enough for the viewers at home to try.

The Ramsay family legacy as chefs and TV personalities looks set to continue and reach new heights should Tilly’s popularity continue to increase. According to a source close to Will Payne of The Sun ‘he [Gordon Ramsay] is now getting satisfaction from helping to guide his daughter through the TV industry.’ Per the Daily Mail, Matilda revealed: ‘he [Gordon Ramsay] is not too hard.

He makes sure everything is done, though. He’s strict in a good way.’ Since Tilly’s show doesn’t have the pressure that her father’s prime time shows have, there is time for to find herself and develop her TV personality.

Matilda isn’t the only Ramsay whose success in recent times has led to her signing a new television deal, Gordon Ramsay recently signed a deal with FOX that will see him continue to be the face TV chefs worldwide over the next two years. This serves as great news for those who are huge fans of the Ramsay family.