Björk debuted a new virtual reality video, "Stonemilker", where viewers can interact by dragging it around to change their viewpoint.

The legendary and iconic icelandic singer has always been a musical pioneer and with her new video she stepped into the virtual reality. In "Stonemilker", her new track from the album "Vulnicura", Björk was filmed in a 360-degree panorama as she stands on a windswept icelandic shore.

The virtual reality video was a collaboration between the singer and the director Andrew Thomas Huang that features a 30 pieces full orchestra that will provide a full immersive virtual sound and visual experience.

Created using a 360º camera that requires VR technology, the video is futuristic but functional, using new technology to create an intimate way of absorbing a deeply personal song, experimental but with a punk ethos.

In a press release about the making of "Stonemilker"'s virtual reality, Björk said that she was interested in the 360-degree camera mainly for its "potential for intimacy". Andrew suggested to take the video to the beach where the song was written. It immediately rang true to the singer as that location has a beautiful 360 panoramic view which matches the cyclical fugue like movement in the song. If the song has a shape it is sort of like that just goes on forever.

The video has been on display at MoMa in New York City since April, where visitors can experience it via Oculus Rift Headsets, as part of a retrospective of Bjork's work.

"Stonemilker" was shot on the beach of Grótta, the Northwest tip of Reyjavik, Iceland where the song was written.

Björk Guõmundsdóttir, simply known as Björk is an icelandic experimental singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and occasional actress. She always was an artist ahead of its time, known for her experimentation with the latest technology and her futuristic Music videos.

In 2015, the singer was included in the prestigious Time 100 list in the "icons" section, as one of the most influential person in the world.