For the science fiction lovers out there, who like nothing better than to mull over the mysteries of the cosmos and the potential for life on planets other than Earth, the news that a return of the highly popular X-Files series is imminent must surely be a godsend. It is planned for six new episodes to be filmed, with Chris Carter, who created the supernatural series for the Fox Network, once more intending to be heavily involved in the production. Perhaps just as importantly for the fans of the series, the chemistry between the two main protagonists, ('Spooky') Fox Mulder and Dana Scully is set to be reprised, with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson both set to return to the show.

Carter for one owes a lot to the X-Files in terms of his career, as the 57-year-old journalism graduate, who spent thirteen years working for Surfing Magazine and eventually became its editor, was able to develop other Television projects on the back of the show's success and high ratings. He went on to be involved in other television series such as Millennium and The Lone Gunmen, but none of them received the same acclaim as the X-Files did, during the 1990s especially.

The X-Files made major television stars of both 54-year-old Duchovny and 46-year-old Anderson. They have both gone on to be successful outside of the series that brought them their initial celebrity status, with Duchovny making a hit of his womanising role portraying the character Hank Moody in Californication, which he won a Golden Globe for.

Anderson has been a bit of a globe-trotter, featuring in films such as The House of Mirth and the well-received The Last King of Scotland, in addition to her work on a number of other X-Files projects, including the spinoff feature films. She has utilised her former British connections (living in England from an early age until she was about 11 years old), demonstrating an ear for a genuine English accent in a number of costume dramas and the drama serial The Fall for the BBC.

Despite all of the other projects though, the two will still probably be best remembered for their inspired pairing as FBI agents on the X-Files, looking into suspected paranormal events and outstanding cases. After nine years and in excess of 200 episodes (with two films thrown in for good measure) working together, that is hardly surprising.

As for why now seems to be a good time to bring the show back, after an extended sabbatical period of some 13 years since the last series was made, Carter's explanation is perhaps a reminder of some of the darker moments on the show. In his opinion, "the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six (new) stories."