Fifty Shades of Grey opened to fairly mixed reviews in cinemas up and down the country over Valentine's weekend and one Scottish city in particular had a pretty ribald reaction to the screening. 

Glaswegians attending a viewing at the Grosvenor Cinema were literally rolling (and throwing up) in the aisles when they saw the film. 

It's reported that three women were arrested for being drunk and disorderly at the screening (though to be fair, it's probably the only way they could have coped with seeing the film). An altercation broke out between them and another man who had been asking them to keep quiet.

He ended up being glassed and needing medical treatment. After this violence erupted, cinema staff had to clean blood off the seats before the next viewing of the film took place. 

Some would probably argue what went on in the cinema was actually more entertaining than the film itself, and it has received widespread criticism from many for (ironically, given what happened in Glasgow) seeming to perpetuate the myth that sexual violence between men and women is acceptable. Cinema goers attending The Grosvenor on Saturday were less than impressed with the quality of the film anyway - with one attendee 33 year old Michael Bolton being quoted in The Independent newspaper this morning as saying it was "the worst film [he'd] ever seen". 

The Grosvenor cinema in the city is one of the few in which you can buy alcohol to drink on the premises and the owners may want to rethink this decision after the boozy antics of the weekend.

It's also been reported that over at another cinema in Renfrewshire, members of the public attending a screening of the same film there were being searched before they went in. What for, no-one is sure. Perhaps they were checking for brain cells, or signs of boredom.

Either way, it's been a less than auspicious start in Scotland for the hotly anticipated screen version of the EL James novel.

No word yet on the follow up "Three Types of Glasgow Kiss", though.