Among the options of where to go shopping on Saturday, one of the most interesting potential venues must surely be that at the home of the rather eccentric Elvis Presley memorabilia collector, the late Paul MacLeod. His estate in north Mississippi, United States, is scheduled to be auctioned off, including a large collection of articles relating to the biggest name in modern music. Indeed, the owner was so dedicated to Elvis and his music that he re-named his Holly Springs home "Graceland Too" in a clear homage to the original Graceland home of the man himself.

MacLeod was something of a local celebrity, as he became well known for more than twenty years for offering tours around his two-storey home to interested parties, allowing them to visit his Elvis' shrine at any time of the day or night. As such, it became something of a favourite for drunken college students and tourists. There was never an official connection to Elvis' Graceland estate. The roadside museum dedicated to his idol included albums, figurines and plates, all with an Elvis Presley theme to them.

Besides the sale of the smaller items of memorabilia and the house itself, there will also be an opportunity for interested buyers to get their hands on MacLeod's pink Cadillac and a rather unusual electric chair made by the owner himself.

The non-functioning chair was his own direct tribute to the film and song Jailhouse Rock

The avid collector died last summer, just two days after he had killed an intruder who broke into his museum, according to the local police. There was no suspicion of anything but natural causes for his own death though.

Due to the desire to sell off the collection in its entirety if at all possible, the lawyer representing the estate has made it clear that there will be no reserve price for the items being put up for sale.

"The King" has been an inspiration to music lovers across the world ever since he broke on to the scene in the 1950s, with many people attempting to imitate him or to possess artefacts either previously owned by Elvis or relating to his career. In 1994 at a Las Vegas auction, a computer chip manufacturer paid the princely sum of $320,500 for Presley's stretch Mercedes-Benz limousine.

He had been willing to go even higher, as he had left $1 million with the auction house, such was his determination to purchase the automobile.

Even after his death in 1977, his legend and music has lived on for countless generations since, with the interest in him seemingly continuing on. So, expect plenty of interest at the latest sale.