With the popularity of anything related to the Marvel comic books now seemingly at an all-time high, after the commercial success of such as the Spider-Man, Iron Man and X-Men films, it seems that David Tennant is tipped to add his weighty name to those who have previously featured in similar Marvel productions. The ex- Doctor Who star has been lined up to play the part of a villain who has (the obligatory) super powers in a forthcoming Television series, 'Marvel's A.K.A. Jessica Jones' for Netflix.

He is expected to take the role of Dr. Zebediah Killgrave, also known as "Purple Man" (who was a foe of Daredevil) in a thirteen part series that is planned to be shown during 2015, as Netflix look to build on the success of 'Marvel's Daredevil'.

'Purple Man' is so-called because of an accident in a chemical refinery, which resulted in chemicals dousing him that turned his hair and skin purple in colour. To match his appearance, he is also generally distinguished by wearing expensive purple clothing.

The character featured in former super hero, Jessica's past and is expected to cause upheaval on his return to her life, as Killgrave possesses mind controlling powers through his pheromones which allow him to force Jessica to work for him.

As for Jessica herself, in the series she is attempting to sort out her personal life, by building up her detective agency as a private-eye who becomes involved on cases that involve New York people with amazing abilities.

The alternative career choice follows on from her all too short spell as a super-hero, which left her with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Also featuring in the series are Krysten Ritter as Jessica and Mike Colter as Luke Cage (who becomes Jessica's husband in the Marvel comic books). A former model, Ritter has featured in the drama series Breaking Bad, Gilmore Girls and several feature films.

Colter's biggest claim to fame was in the award winning film Million Dollar Baby.

It is expected that following on from the new series there will be a cross over miniseries to involve other characters from the Marvel-franchise.

Tennant is not only renowned for playing the 10th Doctor Who persona in the ever-popular BBC series, but has also portrayed a number of alternative characters in a diverse acting career so far. These have ranged from roles in Casanova and Broadchurch on the silver screen, to a production of Hamlet on the stage and the part of Barty Crouch Jr in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Indeed his multi-talented abilities were rewarded recently with a Special Recognition Award at the National Television Awards.