Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton visited United States in the last days. The Duchess of Cambridge is now five months pregnant with their second child and seems to have overcome the problems she had at first due to hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness that affects four out of every thousand women and is potentially dangerous for child and mother: the proof she is better is that the couple could make this trip to New York. An official three-day visit in which Prince William had a meeting with US President Obama in the Oval Office of the White House (while his wife visited a children's center in Harlem). Kate and her husband also participated in a big welcome party and saw a NBA basketball game, where they also met Beyoncé and Jay Z.

A visit in the footsteps of Princess Diana Spencer, William's mother, who was very loved in America as are the couple. Diana and Charles also visited United States in 1985 and, like William and Kate, chose to stay at The Carlyle hotel. A classic hotel in Upper East Side, where John F. Kennedy had a large suite (and perhaps he spent some time with Marilyn Monroe). The couple held a wreath at the Memorial of September 11. William and Kate visit ended with a gala dinner at the Metropolitan. The purpose of the dinner was to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, where they met and fell in love, and raise money for scholarships for students. But the main reason for this trip to New York was the launch of their new charity, United for Wildlife, which deals with nature conservation in Africa.

Prince William and Kate's tour to the US has led to a huge increase in online searches for New York hotels.

The Big Apple has always been a popular destination around Christmas, but it seems the royal couple has given an additional excuse for Brits to look for a trip. The increase rate in online searches is around 84%. UK travellers, in the past, were inspired to travel to Singapore following the rumour that the couple may have conceived while visiting the Asian country.