BBC News Agency announced the researcher's new fears during the discussion of issues related to Black Holes. The scientist believes that in the next few thousand years (and if not, then in the next 10 thousand years - for sure) the Earth will encounter the imminent man-made disaster. Among the major threats to humanity, Hawking named a nuclear war, global warming and viruses by artificial means. Furthermore, this theoretical physicist hastened to reassure the public and said that it is not necessarily to raise panic at an early date. "The chances of doomsday occurrence are quite low in recent years but a disastrous trial is swiftly rising, so there is no doubt that this will happen in the next thousand or ten thousand years", - Stephen Hawking said.

Advances in science and technology could lead to the world disorder

But how to avoid troubles that await people in the future? The scientist focuses on the resettlement to other planets. Therefore, humanity should be extremely careful in the next few hundred years, because, according to Hawking's researches, there are no chances during this timeframe to construct extraterrestrial self-sustaining colonies, which will exist independently. Interestingly, earlier a business magnate Elon Musk has expressed and affirmed similar ideas. He claimed that global war and the growth of radical sentiments could lead to the fact that human history timeline will be disrupted. A solution to the problem he sees in the relocation to Mars: the inventor even offered to ignite two pulsating artificial suns over its poles via thermonuclear blasts to make the red planet suitable for human habitation.

Professor Hawking warned humanity not for the first time. For example, he has become one of the recognised authorities, who emphasised the threat posed by AI (Artificial Intelligence). According to him, the evolution of artificial intelligence and an autonomous weapons revolution, in any case, will take a precedence over human nature.

However, Steven Hawking revealed a mind-blowing statement regarding aliens-nomads who can destroy all the inhabitants of the Earth. Such beings are able to travel through the universe, communicate and colonise all the planets, which they could reach.

It ss not all about doom and gloom - Hawking remains optimistic concerning the future

"Since humanity will not resist the progress, it's critical to stay aware of the dangers of our achievements in Science, recognise the threats and consequences of technological evolution", - Hawking said and added that he has always adhered to the optimistic point of view.