The 47-year-old, minister in the Department of Business, is rumoured to have sent up to 2,000 messages to female constituents according to the Sunday Mirror.

The married, ex-member of parliament and Minister for Burton released a statement addressing the "sext" accusations and how ashamed he is.

The 'Sext' scandal statement

According to the Telegraph, Griffiths said: "I am deeply ashamed at my behaviour which has caused untold distress to my wife and family, to whom I owe everything, and a deep embarrassment to the Prime Minister and the Government I am so proud to serve.

"I tendered my resignation as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Small Business on Friday night."

Griffiths vowed in his resignation statement to seek professional help to address his behaviour.

Today's Sunday Mirror will reveal the social media messages sent by Griffiths.

Career History

Griffiths grew up in Dudley and began his political career as a part of the West Midlands MEP team, where he was later appointed advisor on farming.

Before being elected into parliament, he was an unsuccessful Conservative candidate three times before being elected as Burton's member of parliament in 2010.

He later worked within the shadow cabinet and as Theresa May's Chief of Staff, where he worked on the Environment, transport and family policy.

He helped set up the "Woman 2 Win" campaign, which was brought into action to help more women become conservative members of parliament.

Griffiths also worked as Hugo Swire's and Eric Pickles' Chief of Staff.

Other Controversies

In 2015, Griffiths was awarded the Parliamentarian of The Year prize by the campaign Real Ale (CAMRA).

The prize was given in recognition of his work to reduce taxes on beer.

This award sparked controversy after Griffiths was in opposition with other CAMRA campaigns and some of the supporters of this group were not happy with his award.

Griffiths also bumped heads with Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn after the comments he made regarding the 2017 Budget.

Corbyn commented on the lack of Government funding for care homes in the UK, Griffiths didn't take this lightly and suggesting that he was responding to an earlier statement where Corbyn said: "there are elderly people in need of help," Griffiths then said to Corbyn: "That's you!"

In March 2018, Griffiths was criticised by MP's and members of the public after it was found that he had employed unpaid interns and argued that the law already does enough for internships and young people in employment.