Presidents’ Day is coming up, so in order to honour the occasion, the American Political Science Association compiled an official ranking of all the US Presidents throughout history from best to worst – and sitting President Donald Trump was found to be the absolute worst of the lot. He ranked lower than James Buchanan, who ignored slavery, and William Henry Harrison, who died in office exactly one month after his inauguration, which caused a Constitutional nightmare back in 1841.

Abraham Lincoln was voted number one, of course

The APSA compiled the results of their rankings based on the thoughts and opinions of 170 Presidential historians.

Of course, Abraham Lincoln was ranked number one, but strangely enough, John F. Kennedy was not among the top five. George Washington was ranked second, Franklin D. Roosevelt was ranked third, Theodore Roosevelt was ranked fourth, and Thomas Jefferson was ranked fifth. And Donald Trump was bang last.

The ranking claimed to be based on “greatness,” and Trump must be pretty darn un-great if he’s considered less great than the giants of lacklustre-dom like Franklin Pierce and Andrew Johnson. Out of the other recent Presidents, Barack Obama ranked eighth and George W. Bush ranked 30th. That means that Trump is fourteen places lower than George W. Bush. Wow.