Senator John McCain has never gotten along with US President Donald Trump. Despite both being Republicans, they have a lot of differences. The former has respect for Barack Obama (who he ran against in the 2008 Presidential election) and bipartisan politics, while the latter doesn’t. The former served in Vietnam and got tortured and detests the use of torture in interrogating terrorist suspects, while the latter avoided the Vietnam draft with a doctor’s note and is all for the use of torture in interrogating terrorist suspects.

McCain has been battling very publicly with brain cancer recently, and he has recently announced his demands to the White House that if the disease kills him, he doesn’t want Trump to attend his funeral.

Instead, he would like them to send Vice President Mike Pence in his place. Pence isn’t perfect, but he doesn’t have a personal feud with McCain like the President does.

81-year-old McCain has battled cancer for a year now

McCain, who is 81 years old and counting, has been fending off a swarming form of brain cancer that has been savagely invading his brain for the past year and it’s looking like he’s not going to pull through. That’s why he’s making plans for a potential future without him – and he wants the very short term of that future to be without Trump.